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Ever since I can remember I have suffered from anxiety. As a little girl I was a constant worrier- thinking I was always sick, afraid of the doctors, afraid to sleep at my grandparents house because I was worried my grandfather would have a heart attack. I was always afraid of death and losing people close to me. I lived my life in constant panic, and it ended up only getting worse as life unfolded. The normal joys of marriage, work, purchasing a home, having children actually wrecked havoc and I allowed myself to fall off track and hit rock bottom. I was so out of touch with myself and my anxiety was drowning me to death. Building up for years, and disregarding my emotions, the pressures of work only escalated, taking care of two young kids overwhelmed me, a struggling marriage, I began to self destruct. I began to drink more than normal. I would binge eat and then make myself sick. Inside I hated myself. I knew I had lost control and I was lost.  I started having panic attacks, hives, brain fog, dizziness, my eyes would get blurry, my body would shake. My nerves were literally going haywire and I was constantly feeling body twitching, tingling, buzzing. It was a vicious cycle and I was desperate to take control of my life.

I’ve always known that yoga was going to “save my soul”. I’ve known it for so many years and used to practice before life got really out of control. When I hit rock bottom, I knew I needed to make a significant life change. Something bold, something that would force me into the uncomfortable. Still working full time and on a tight budget I decided that I needed to enroll in yoga teacher training. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually teach, but knowing that I would be forced to spend time just by myself and look within, to acknowledge what I had just put myself through and to know that I will make myself okay – this would be the first step in my healing journey.

Yoga Teacher Training has been an amazing experience. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever expressed and talked about my anxiety. It’s been therapeutic also listening to other stories being shared and witnessing emotional releases from fellow YTT students. I’ve learned how to identify my boundaries. I’ve become more compassionate, kinder, and accepting. Most importantly, I’ve learned about self love. Since our class in Ayurvedic medicine I’ve incorporated a whole new morning routine. I wake up at 5am and drink lemon water. I then sit in malasana and spend some time quieting my mind and connecting myself to the power within. I sometimes do light yoga or run on the treadmill. Then I oil pull while showering, then a full body massage after. I am up and ready by 7am – just in time for when my kids awake. I am happy. I’m ready, patient, and mentally prepared to start my day. This practice has made such a difference in the quality of my life.

Yoga Teacher Training has also made me realize how out of touch I was with myself before I really incorporated yoga into my life. I was always placing limits about what I could or couldn’t do. I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, brave enough. Now, as Yoga Teacher Training comes to an end I feel empowered. I feel strong. Knowing that I am connected to the universal power of love, light and spirit, yoga grounds me and reminds me that I absolutely can accomplish anything. This is just the beginning of a new journey for me, and I am so inspired. I am fascinated hearing stories of how yoga has changed other people’s lives. Out of this passion, I recently began an Instagram page called yoginspired_ where I feature true stories about people who have once struggled, or who are ill, and how they have been healed from yoga. It just starts with one person to have a ripple effect, and if we all can incorporate yoga somehow in our life, this world would be a kinder place.

About The Author:

Kirsten, who bravely allowed you to look into her soul,  is a 2016 Graduate from The OM Center Yoga Teacher School. She lives in CT with her husband and beautiful daughters.

“I am beyond thankful for the beautiful community Jess has also created at The Om Center. She has been a wonderful mentor these past few months. I’ve witnessed firsthand how she has transformed her life and career and has now inspired others to do the same. She has brought a wealth of knowledge and compassion to all of her teachings. Her love for yoga and her spiritual presence is always reflected and will forever influence my yoga journey. Namaste.  “