Create a healthy Workplace


Create a Healthy Workplace

Creating a healthy lifestyle at home is, or often could and should, be a priority. Taking time every day to move your body, drink plenty of water, take moments for relaxation, and eating healthy, whole foods can give more energy, increase health for ourselves and our family, and just gives a better overall sense of wellbeing.

WORK- can be an entirely different story! We are all guilty of the donut in the lunchroom, the lunch meetings with burgers and fries, spending hours sitting at a desk or in a car, and drinking bottomless coffee while forgetting to pour a single glass of water the entire day.

Without taking away from your workday schedule, you can implement some simple tools that will not only make you feel better and happier, but will make you more productive and better at your job. When we are happy, healthy, energetic, and fulfilled, we work harder, more efficiently and are able to maintain the energy needed to keep up throughout the entire day!




  1. Start Small. You don’t need to change your entire life and your entire day. Making a plan that is too big will only lead to failure. Change one small thing. Perhaps get yourself a shiny new, BPA free, preferably glass or copper water bottle and fill that sucker up at least 4 times during your day. Drink up! Your energy will be higher, skin brighter, mood better, and appetite smaller.
  2. Don’t be that guy! Don’t be that guy who bring a dozen donuts to the office. Be the guy who brings a big fruit salad, or a big container of flavored water. Be the one who wants to boost others up, not drag them down. Be a leader on your team to promote being healthy and happy. You will all thank each other!
  3. MOVE! Take time to move. Go for a short walk during lunch, do a little yoga right at your desk (just 5 minutes), stretch your body, take the stairs, park a little farther away. Get that bod movin!
  4. Change your mindset. At some point you will need to get away from the mindset that caring for yourself is wrong and the same goes for the way you view others. When you see your co-workers caring for themselves, encourage them to continue. Start a walking club after work, get a small group together for a 3-5 minute meditation at lunch. Caring for each other and caring for yourself will only lead to greater success all around.



Sit with your feet firmly touching the floor, a tall spine (not leaning back in your chair, and your hands resting gently on your lap. Close your eyes. Settle in, and take 3 slow, long, deep breaths (on inhales expand your belly, ribcage and chest, and on exhales your chest, ribs and belly gently pull back in toward your spine).










Move your joints. Make slow gentle circles with the head in both directions, roll the shoulders up back and down and then forward, circle the wrists and the ankles. (Maintain the long deep breaths).


Twist and Lateral Side. Get in some twists and later bends right there at your desk. Keep your back healthy, get the blood flowing, keep the core strong, and increase energy.








Use your chair to move!


Written By: Jessica Proulx

Jessica Proulx is the owner/director of The OM Center and the director and lead teacher of The OM Center Yoga Teacher School. She is available for full and half day cooperate retreats as well as small intimate seminars, luncheons, mindfullness training and yoga.

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