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Dirga Vs. Durga

Dirga Vs. Durga A Common Yoga Mispronunciation Often times when I attend yoga classes, or teach yoga teacher training, I hear a very common mispronunciation of two very different words; Dirga & Durga. Dirga is a word that you may hear many, many times in a hatha yoga class when referring to what we call

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7 Reasons to do Yin Yoga

By: Jessica Proulx Yin Yoga is one of those “things” in the yoga practice that my students are always afraid to try. As soon as you explain it as a “practice of long holding of gentle expressions of postures” they give you the look, and you know you have just turned them off. But how

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Yoga Teacher Training Fall Semester

The Om Center has announced it’s fall semester of yoga teacher training. This 200 hour yoga certification program begins in September and runs through February of 2016. Meeting every other weekend, the flexibility of this programs makes it convenient for anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice. People ask all the time- Why do yoga

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