A New Way to Look at 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A New Way to Look at 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training I have spoken to so many students who are looking to deepen their practice through a yoga teacher training program, but they just can’t commit to a weekend schedule and they have families, careers, travel schedules, rotating schedules, or commitments that make them unable to nail down a schedule that will work for them. The last thing anyone wants is to make a personal

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Yoga Teacher Training Fall Semester

The Om Center has announced it’s fall semester of yoga teacher training. This 200 hour yoga certification program begins in September and runs through February of 2016. Meeting every other weekend, the flexibility of this programs makes it convenient for anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice. People ask all the time- Why do yoga teacher training? The answer to that is so simple and actually it has nothing to do with being a yoga

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The Value of Investing in YOU

The Value of Investing in YOU By: Rebecca Gleason Why Get Monthly Massage? We’ve all been there: we feel good, other than some minor tension or stress, so we think “I don’t need a massage, why waste the money if I feel ok?”.  First and foremost, you are never  wasting money on your health and wellness; you are keeping a well-oiled machine working so that it will last a lifetime. Think for a moment about

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