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OM Center FAQs

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Below are some commonly asked questions about yoga. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.

Do I need to sign up in advance for classes? No, you need not sign up for class in advance, although it makes your check in process faster and easier. Please note all classes are first come first served, so signing up in advance does guarantee your space.

Can I try out a class for free? If you sign up for the New Student Unlimited Month, your first class is free.

What do I wear? No shoes, no socks. Comfy clothing that fits close to the body. We are a modest studio, so please not excessively short shorts. Sports bras are ok, with longer pants and knee length shorts.

Can I bring water? Yes you can.

Do I need a mat? We provide mats at OM, but if you are going to maintain a consistent practice we suggest that you get your own. Mats are limited and we can not guarantee that there will be one available.

I am pregnant, can I practice? There are many modifications for pregnancy that we can show you and it is important to talk to your teacher about your pregnancy each and every class. It is always best to look for a prenatal class. Always consult your doctor prior to beginning a new practice. If you have had a consistent yoga practice, you can continue with modifications. If you are new to yoga and in the first trimester, we ask you to stick to gentle classes (please inform your teacher each class that you are pregnant), if it is later in your pregnancy please email and we will discuss as each instance is different.

Do I need to purchase a membership? At OM, we offer great deals if you become an Omie and use or montly autopay option. The best deal you can get is the $80/month all access pass that offers you unlimited regularly scheduled yoga classes (and sometimes free workshops as well!).

I am a beginner but don’t see any beginner classes on the schedule, which do I attend? The best classes to start are gentle classes but if you would consider yourself  relatively “fit” (pardon the silly word) a vinyasa class might be where you want to start. We offer a “Foundations of Yoga” class every 6 weeks; check it out under workshops, retreats and seminars.

Are class cards or packages refundable? Class packages are not refundable. We do allow students to transfer the package to someone else who can use it. The Omie program can be canceled anytime with 30 days written notice.

Do class cards expire? Yes they do. 12 class cards expire in 6 months, 5 class cards in three months. There are no extensions or refunds.

Is there an age limit? Yes, all students under the age of 18 must have a parent present at first visit to sign liability waiver. We do take students as young as 16, but there will be consultation between staff and parents regarding the practice of any child under 18 and Om can refuse a child in class if they feel they are not ready and/or the practice will not be safe for them.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 860.417.377o or email