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The Yoga of Packing

THE YOGA OF PACKING BY: Jessica Proulx  AH, amazing. You booked a yoga retreat and you are so excited to travel to a far off land and experience time in meditation and contemplation. You are looking forward to the change this trip will breed and you have, in your mind, a set of intentions for your retreat and your practice. And, you might think that your practice begins when you kick off your flip flops

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Reentry. Overcoming the pains of returning from Retreat.   I woke up this morning, not to the sound of monkeys and the light of sunrise, but to the glow of the television and the saddened tones of newscasters discussing the most recent mishandling of our democracy. I woke up this morning, and instead of sitting atop the roof of a beautiful Italian/ Costa Rican hostess, I began, with haste, to brush, wash, gather, dress, and

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