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Yoga Inspired

Yoga Teacher Training Leads to: “YOGA INSPIRED”   Ever since I can remember I have suffered from anxiety. As a little girl I was a constant worrier- thinking I was always sick, afraid of the doctors, afraid to sleep at my grandparents house because I was worried my grandfather would have a heart attack. I was always afraid of death and losing people close to me. I lived my life in constant panic, and it

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7 Reasons to do Yin Yoga

By: Jessica Proulx Yin Yoga is one of those “things” in the yoga practice that my students are always afraid to try. As soon as you explain it as a “practice of long holding of gentle expressions of postures” they give you the look, and you know you have just turned them off. But how else do you explain it to someone in a way that they will understand its benefits without thinking about the

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